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Container Housing

03Feb 2020
Common Myths About Shipping Container Homes

With minimalism rising in popularity and downsizing becoming the norm, shipping container homes have seen a rise in interest. Many opt to modify a shipping container to be used as their first house, vacation spot or even their second or third home. While the possibilities can be endless with modern shipping container modifications and the […]

13Jan 2020
What You Should Know About Shipping Container Homes

Shipping containers were a necessary invention to quickly and safely transport cargo across the sea and on land. With their strong steel structure, they can withstand the harsh sea environment while allowing for easy handling using machinery like cranes and forklifts. There are many other advantages of using containers for transporting goods, including their portability […]

16Dec 2019
Are Shipping Container Homes Safe?

Shipping containers have become increasingly popular across the globe as an easy and cost-effective way to provide prefab housing. Shipping container modifications are trendy, not only because of their pretty and amazing designs, but also because they provide an efficient, effective, and superior green solution for sustainable living and trade. Prefab containers provide highly functional […]

04Sep 2019
Things to know about building a shipping container home

With the overall average price of a home in the GTA being over $800k, it’s no wonder people are looking for alternative housing options. That’s where shipping containers come in. Currently, it’s becoming popular to convert shipping containers into homes thanks to their availability and affordability. Thinking of making a shipping container your new home? […]

10Jul 2019
Modifying a Shipping Container into a Tiny House

Shipping containers are now being used to create versatile living spaces for the modern generation. The tiny house trend has helped many to create their own property and to design a space that is uniquely their own. But how do you go about creating a tiny house? Many start with a shipping container. In this […]