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Shipping Container

20Jan 2020
How Are Shipping Containers Made?

Shipping containers have become increasingly popular in the construction of homes, pop-up shops, and apartments, among other structures. And while innovative container designs make it possible to repurpose containers into livable, cost-effective, and sustainable structures, many people have no idea how shipping containers are made to withstand extreme weather conditions on land or at sea. […]

23Dec 2019
Do You Need a Permit for Shipping Containers?

If you’ve spotted some of your neighbours, pop-up shops, or construction site offices using prefab containers and are thinking of getting one for yourself, you may be wondering about their legality and what measures you need to take to get approval. In most towns, you can’t simply place your modified shipping container anywhere you want, […]

23Oct 2019
6 Tips for Renting a Shipping Container for Moving

When packing houses or small to mid-sized office spaces, shipping containers make a wonderful alternative to traditional moving trucks. There are many benefits to these units, including: A large enough space for all your belongings Affordable transit Convenient drop-off and pickup options Weather-proofed exterior Secure locking mechanism for safe storage Shipping containers have been used […]

28Aug 2019
10 Tips for Using a Shipping Container for Storage

With a surplus of new and used shipping containers, many people are repurposing them into strong and durable storage units for residential and commercial use. These containers are extremely hardy, and can withstand severe weather and even fires, keeping your possessions or inventory safe year-round. They’re also cost-efficient and portable, which means they can be […]

14Aug 2019
5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Shipping Container

Cargo containers have become increasingly popular in the last couple of decades, meaning you can now easily buy a shipping container for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Their supply also seems to be virtually limitless, with an estimated 500,000 containers being abandoned each year, and several million other containers laying dormant. This surplus of containers, […]

26Jun 2019
10 Tips for Buying a Shipping Container the Smart Way

Shipping containers offer exciting new possibilities for the design and function of workspaces, retail environments, and even compact living spaces. It’s no surprise then that in the age of sustainable, eco-friendly living, and relaxed corporate culture, these refurbished and modified shipping containers are generating quite the buzz. It also doesn’t hurt that these are built […]