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The City of Caledon is located within a 30 km radius from our facility. With steady inventory from reliable suppliers, Sigma Container Corporation provides clean shipping containers, otherwise known as sea cans, to the residents and business owners of Caledon and the surrounding Peel region.


One popular application of shipping containers is to use them to house excess inventory on farmland. Our modifications team can add roll-up doors to your container, allowing you to easily store and access otherwise cumbersome materials inside.

The great thing about containers is that it can be placed on a wide variety of surfaces – not just concrete. Grass? Soil? Not a problem. Tell us about where you want to put your container, and our team will advise on the best way to set your container. It’s quick and simple – and our drivers can help you with the set-up on delivery day!


SCC has a wide range of container sizes available (new and used) in its inventory, ready to make its way to you. Our containers serve as a great alternative solution to outdoor storage – it is not only cost efficient, but is also a great way to promote global sustainability!


Shipping containers are highly customizable. The simplicity and durability of a container lends itself as an ideal platform for creative modification work. Here at SCC, we have a modifications team ready to help modify containers to fit a variety of applications. From simple storage to pop-up shops and full-scale living spaces, SCC can help.


Shipping containers were made to be transported. If you are moving, we can help you take your container with you. Our transport team is both experienced and capable – we can help you move your container even if it is loaded!